Nantucket Whaler is a uniquely American story dating back to 1837, steeped in the heritage and mystique of Nantucket Island and the generations of men and women who built a life there on the sea.

At Nantucket Whaler we strive to be genuine in everything we do - from our Nantucket flagship store located on the Old South Wharf, to our support of ocean conservation, to our authentic apparel that exceeds expectations for comfort and fit.

The Nantucket Whaler brand embodies the grit, strength and enduring nature of the sea and those who journey through it. Every piece of Nantucket Whaler apparel is artfully designed and beautifully executed to withstand the ever-changing elements.

Well-crafted and as resilient as the island itself, our clothing embraces Nantucket's traditions and is built to last.

Durability, comfort and stellar design with a hint of nautical are at the heart of what we do. Every detail is carefully thought-through by American designer Jerry Kaye, and merges function with fashion in a genuinely stylish way.

We are authentic, from our waxed jackets to our cable crews, easy wear brushed cotton flannels and traditional heavy gauge fisherman sweaters. Nantucket Whaler is real, approachable and timeless.

From calm seas to epic storms, Nantucket Whaler has you covered.