Our Ambassadors


Ava Rollins (@missavarollinsis a publicist and environmentalist, who is happiest on the water.
Why we love Ava: In her day job, Ava works with cities, countries and non-profit organizations to strategically guide and promote their sustainable growth. In her free time she rehabilitates horses, rescues ensnared and cold stunned marine life with other committed volunteers and works to impact commercial child exploitation through education and legislation. On the island, she is honoring the memory of her summer neighbor, the late Fred Rogers, by collaborating with other environmentalists and supporters to create an emission and pollution free educational space. Once developed, this will serve as a case study for Nantucket’s own sustainability, in response to massive waves of seasonal tourism.Nicholas Buck believes that home is where your family is, and for him that’s Nantucket.
Why we love Nicholas: Nicholas feels truly fortunate to be able to call Nantucket Island his own, since his family is one of the first ten families to settle and establish roots there. According to Nicholas, “I believe that being one of the first to establish a community by the sea is what has made us strong. My Grandmother always told me to always hold my head high and strive for something more. All I want is the absolute best for the island and the people that live on it.” Nicholas enjoys Nantucket’s “no frill vibe” which, he claims, is known to relieve stress and replace it with beautiful sunsets, warm beaches, and an abundance of wildlife! He strives to make a positive impact on the island for himself and future generations. Taylor Satterfield is originally from Pawleys Island, South Carolina just north of where he lives now in Charleston. He loves the summers on Nantucket.
Why we love Taylor: Taylor feels the lifestyle on island is “like a mix between summer camp and a college reunion” and he wants to take that feeling with him wherever he goes. He describes visits to Nantucket like meeting someone for the first time and feeling so unexpectedly welcomed, or to seeing someone you haven't seen in in a while and getting a warm hug that makes you feel at home. His time on the island while working for 167 Raw can only be described as “absolutely amazing” having met great people and exploring both the island’s historic and up and coming restaurant scenes.