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Published Apr. 2, 2022

Nantucket Whaler, a lifestyle brand inspired by exploration and island history dating back to 1837, has launched its Spring 2022 Collection filled with sun-washed colors, classic neutrals, and product versatility. Looking to the style of generations built around a nautical lifestyle, designs from Nantucket Whaler’s Spring Collection stay true to the authentic connection of Nantucket Island. The brand’s boutique-style apparel merge fashion and function while offering modern looks with a genuine nautical feel to enhance any wardrobe this upcoming season.

This seasonal collection contains fabrics that are carefully garment dyed with signature brand colors, creating a lived-in vintage yet modern look. You’ll find technical details like stretch-woven fabrics that create authentic and rugged looks made with outstanding lightweight materials for a trimmer fit. Durable staples of the Nantucket-island inspired brand include the unique waxed-fabric Whale Watcher Jacket for weather resistance that is stylish, comfortable, and built for rain or shine.

Designed to be layered, the brand’s Spring 2022 Collection is filled with staple apparel items including denims, plaids, and nautical stripes that create classic and casual looks. Pairing these nautical staples with the natural and neutral color palette within the brand’s authentic collection can carry any wardrobe from a beach lunch to the office, then to happy hour. Nantucket Whaler consistently showcases its ability to blend an active lifestyle with fashion forward style by incorporating comfort and flexibility into modern apparel.

This, and every season, Nantucket Whaler style translates the grit, strength, and endurance of those early nautical explorers on Nantucket Island into well-crafted clothes for modern consumers who embody those same core values.

Explore Nantucket Whaler’s Spring 2022 Collection online only at www.nantucketwhaler.com.