Menswear Focuses Strongly On Sustainability And Craftsmanship In 2022

There’s a reason why male consumers are interested in craftsmanship and sustainability. In fact, there’s something oddly liberating about making the decision about how your purchase effects the planet. Although the reasons vary for each customer, data shows that consumers wish to understand the full transparency of today’s product offerings. It’s been said that the reason why men focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, is because they wish to do their part in lessening the carbon-footprint on our beloved mother-earth.

Men's Essentials Today:

Men's essentials has now come to define a whole way of dressing for male consumers seeking elevated options of staple pieces such as jackets, sweaters, pants — even slippers. Brands like REEF -have developed warmer, cozier options when it comes to clothing and footwear. I have reviewed the One Slide Chill slipper/sandal and am here to tell you that it is a must-have for this winter season - unlike any slipper I have ever worn. It is a gem of an item and the style is so cool that Gen X’ers are all over it like white on rice.

And this season, consumers are taking note of fashion hybrids such as the Shacket —a item mix between a sweater and a jacket. More to my point, I recently came across an forward-thinking menswear item from Collars & Co. The progressive brand has changed the game in the shirting industry. They developed an original dress-collar polo. Essentially, it is a comfortable stretch polo shirt with a structured dress collar. The style provides a hassle-free way to look polished with all the benefits of a classic dress shirt. I own one and I fully endorse the item. More importantly, I am interested in watching this brands development - moving into the near future.

Whether you’ve been in the market for a new jacket, sweater or pants, I’ll outline here my quintessential picks for the winter season, including a quick rundown regarding their craftsmanship, technology and sustainable transparencies designed with a new menswear customer in mind. My fashion editor and I developed a list of basic essentials for the wardrobe of every man.

For example, with a full collection of daily essentials, Cole Buxton has a vision to redefine contemporary menswear for the modern lifestyle through athletic essentialism. Heroically, this brand had sustainability at the core of the brand. And speaking of sustainability, Gomorrah announces a call to arms on against fashion production that have deleterious effects on human ecology. With their Eco-friendly and developed with sustainably grown flax, their shirt uses low-impact, non-toxic dyes. What’s more is that a portion of the cost of retail goes toward US reforestation efforts with the help of their partner, One Tree Planted. For each shirt purchased, 6.75 trees are planted.

Here, I've selected menswear essential that should form the foundation of any successful wardrobe.

Nantucket Whaler -The Chatham Sweatshirt Sweater is part of the limited edition FR Knitting x Nantucket Whaler capsule collection. A true combination between a sweatshirt and a sweater elevates a casual but stylish look. Offering cozy comfort for those breezy Nantucket nights, it’s knit from the softest cotton for a lightweight knit feel. Great for layering or stand-alone piece. Made in the USA by FR Knitting, after over 100 years in business, this still-growing company continues to operate from the original granite mill in Fall River, Massachusetts. Nantucket Whaler is proud to partner with this iconic New England mill and showcase a curated selection of authentic Whaler Knit sweaters. Available in four different colors: Chatham red, Chatham linen, Chatham black and Chatham navy. $98